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Top 6 DR Martens alternatives for 2021

Doc Martens has been around for some time now, launched back in 1947, the company established a name for itself as the working boots for men. These were popular with mailmen and milkmen etc who walked all day and were comfortable with Doc Martens patented sole. After

Best Shoes For Supination

Supination is more than a condition that can result in flat feet, inadequate support for your body weight, and issues with walking. It can be the cause of many more serious health issues as well, such as long-term posture problems, chronic muscle pain, and various types of

Top Five Best Work Boots for Electricians

Any electrician understands the importance of having EH rated work boots that will offer them protection against Electrical Hazards. Electricians face electrical hazards daily, and they spend many hours on their feet. Therefore, as an electrician, you should invest in the right work boots to handle your

Top 5 Best Rocker Bottom shoes in 2020

Unlike the name might suggest, rocker bottom shoes have nothing to do with music. Instead, they are special kinds of footwear designed to prevent their users to have a flat, sturdy surface on the sole. Especially important for people suffering from some medical conditions (such as arthritis)

Mountaineering Boots – What are they made of?

Sporting the right mountaineering boots is important whenever you go mountain climbing, ice climbing and rock climbing. These difficult circumstances on tough terrains may cause devastating accidents in the event you drop or excursion while climbing. The mountaineering boots are created and produced to assist climbers and