The Danner Men’s Corvallis GTX 5″ PT Boot is another excellent work boot from the highly ranked manufacturer. The Bull Run is perfect for use in dry and hot areas as it offers superb protection and comfort from extreme heat. Best Work Boots offer the most extensive list of top quality work boots along with comprehensive reviews to help customers choose the perfect work boot for any occasion.


The Danner Men’s Corvallis GTX 5″ PT Boot is commonly priced at $123.62 – $169.95. It is developed specifically for use in warmer climates with its use of stencil breathable materials to help maintain a comfortable temperature within the boots. Unlike other boots by Danner, our Best Work Boots staff found that the Corvallis GTX takes far less time than usual before it “breaks-in” comfortably with the wearer’s feet.


Due to its design that primarily caters it to be worn in warmer areas, its development is slightly altered to accommodate this. The full grain leather upper is unlined which allows for nigh instant break-in when worn and this also allows better for better ventilation. It uses wider speed laces for secure fit and resistant soles for better maneuverability and Triple stitched for superior endurance for the outsole for extreme durability and improved comfort. The Danner Men’s Corvallis GTX 5″ PT Boot is the among the best work boots that can handle the rough and tumble environment of the warm outdoors and even has superb traction due to its 90 degree heel for slip resistance and superior traction.


The Danner Men’s Corvallis GTX 5″ PT Boot offers impressive stability and comfort and is one of our most recommended reviewed items when it comes to tackling the heat. Best Work Boots has done a complete analysis on the Corvallis GTX and while it was not developed to handle all types of climates, nothing can compare to it when it comes to comfort and traction.


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