A relatively new entrant, the Dr Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot nonetheless offers impressive performance in relations to women’s work boots. We here at Best Work Boots takes out the Dr Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot for a test run. It was designed specifically to cover all needs a woman wants for a work boot. Read on below to find out if the Dr Marten women steel toe boots is a worthy purchase or not.


The Dr Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot comes with a price tag of $95 – $140. Pretty low considering all the features and technology used to create this women’s work boots. It uses industrial strength materials and offers one of the best protections we have seen in women’s steel toe boots. It uses all the tried and tested methods in creating a sturdy work boot and goes above and beyond. It has literally stepped up the standards of women’s work boots both in performance and in appearance. The Dr Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot mixes style and sturdiness perfectly.


Dr Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot employs the use of heavy duty cord lacing, full grain leather upper, extra padding for ankle support, Cosmo moisture lining and double stitched steel toe cap. It also has several unique features that help it stand apart from standard women’s steel toe work boots. The work boot has built-in steel toe for the best protection and extreme traction to prevent slips from surfaces.


The Dr Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot is a great addition to the rising number of high quality women’s work boots. It offers everything you need from a work boot and then some. Be sure to keep an eye out for Dr Martens women’s steel toe work boot as the brand is showing potential to become one of the top manufacturers of lightweight and tough women’s work boots.