Top 6 DR Martens alternatives for 2021

Doc Martens has been around for some time now, launched back in 1947, the company established a name for itself as the working boots for men. These were popular with mailmen and milkmen etc who walked all day and were comfortable with Doc Martens patented sole. After a successful run in the 60s, they rose to fame again in the early ’90s, as the choice of rock stars and rebels. But in the next decade, something changed, the family-owned Doc Martens shifted most of its manufacturing from its home base in the UK to China and ended up in the hands of a private equity firm. Now the pricing hiked up while the quality took a dive and Doc Marten connoisseurs were seeing clear indications that Doc Martens was capitalizing on a built brand name.

Seeing this sudden jump in the pricing of the shoes, a market emerged where the same style of shoe was sold at a comparatively economical price. This was possible because the logo of Doc Martens was not being used. After a detailed study of all the modern-day alternatives to Doc Martens available today, we have compiled a list of shoes that are very close to the original. The top-rated competitors are:

  • Resonda Fashion Leather Ankle Bootie
  • TREESOLO Women’s Combat Boots
  • Bruno Marc Men’s Military Boots
  • Uttse Women’s Round Toe Lace-up Ankle Boots
  • Skechers Forever Cool Combat Boots
  • Dream Pairs Women’s Combat Ankle Boots

1. Resonda Fashion Leather Ankle Booties

Resonda Fashion has had so many 5 stars reviews that the real debate is whether this is a better shoe than Doc Martens, this is not only because of the low price but also because of the standard of finishing in the lining. Where Doc Martens need some time to be broken in perfectly, Resonda ankle boots are easier to break in and they adapt to your feet easily. The cushioned foot soles are a great alternative to Doc Martens AirWair soles and customers have even rated it above Doc Martens based on comfort.

The only negative point found in the shoe is that it isn’t easy to find the perfect fit when purchasing a Resonda Fashion leather ankle bootie. Another down point is that there are reports of the stitching and color of the shoe showing signs of aging after some time.

2. TREESOLO Women’s Combat Boots

TREESOLO is the best alternative to Doc Martens for women in the market, TREESOLO has amassed a huge fan following over the years because of its trademark single-piece sole, which has no joints, leading to fewer pressure points and consequently show fewer signs of wear and tear.

Another quality of these genuine leather shoes is that they are completely waterproof. Not even the 80-year-old establishment of Doc Martens can promise that there would be no water damage to the shoes and sells the waterproofing sprays separately (another way to capitalize on the brand).

TREESOLO women’s combat boots also come with a yellow stitching, and a pull-up strap on the back, this makes it almost indistinguishable from the more expensive Doc Martens women boots. Customers have testified to the comfortable soles of the shoe and how easily they fit most feet.

The only negative aspect found about this brand is that the leather, though genuine, is not as good a quality as the one used in Doc Martens. Also, the demand for the shoe has risen beyond what the company can put in the market, this is why the shoe isn’t available most of the time.

3. Bruno Marc Men’s Military Boots

Bruno Marc is the best alternative for men in terms of price and quality. They offer the same genuine leather shoes, but at a very manageable price. The military boots by Bruno Marc are by far the finest product in the market, not only do they offer a variety of sizes, but they also provide these boots in several colors. Men have never had a wide variety of colors to choose from when it had come to military boots. Bruno Marc breaks this trend and the military boots alone are available in 6 shades.

One thing to note is that the sole of the boots is synthetic leather, even though Bruno Marc as a brand never claims to use hard leather soles, some customers have complained that they were not informed about the sole, so be informed in case you plan on purchasing these.

4. Uttse Women’s Round Toe Lace-up Ankle Boots

Uttse offers the mega cheap alternative to combat boots for women. The extra soft cowhide round toe design is very famous in some circles. The company promises that its unique sole design disperses pressure and offers a comfortable feel. The Gum-Rubber outsole is a rather unique approach on ankle boots for women, but the response has been extremely positive, with customers asking for more products with this outsole.

The Uttse boots have caused a fan following to be developed. They may not be the finest quality boots in the market, but they are available at a really low price, almost one-fourth of that of Doc Martens. If someone wishes to buy women’s boots but is on a budget, these are by far the best alternative.

 5. Skechers Forever Cool Combat Boots

Sketchers Forever Cool live up to the name, they are combat-style boots that come without the raised heel, which makes them very comfortable for everyday use. The zip closure provides ease of use and fitting is not an issue as the top laces are additionally included.  The Memory Foam sole of the boots provides easy airflow and adds to the comfort. The fabric lining found in the stitches is unique to sketchers and gives a customized look to your boots.

The boots are available in a very unique shade of white, this makes them a collector’s item as not many companies make white combat boots. The price of these Sketchers Forever Cool Combat Boots is almost half of that of a Doc Martens boot sold in the same category. This is because the shoes are manufactured with faux leather, it is also a plus point to see that no animals were harmed in the making of the boots. If someone is not a fan of synthetic leather and would like to purchase genuine leather boots, these are not for them.

6. Dream Pairs Women’s Combat Ankle Boots

Dream Pairs Women’s Combat Ankle Boots are a great synthetic leather alternative for people who do not wish to pay the excessive costs of Doc Martens. Though Doc Martens has a dedicated vegan catalog, it is way above the market price of faux leather boots. This is a robust low stacked design for women who appreciate the regular use of combat ankle-length boots and it comes in a variety of colors for them to choose from.

The combat ankle boots have had some complaints regarding the hardness of the sole, but this is a problem that should disappear with use. Other than this, the brand has accumulated enough audience that it is branching out into other shoe designs.






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