Irish Setter Men’s 83605 6″ Work Boot

From one of the oldest and most respected names in men’s boots, Red Wing Shoes, the Irish Setter Men’s 83605 work boot has a reputation for rugged durability earned over the last 60 years. Workers, hunters, and any man who enjoys vigorous outdoor activities will appreciate the boot’s comfort, traction, and wear. Available only in its trademark brown leather with white rubber soles, this model is the most popular boot in the entire Irish Setter Men’s line    

Who Wears the This Boot

The 83605 is suitable for extreme environments and is popular with men working outdoors, in dirty or oily workspaces, and where heat or cold temperatures are a problem. Electricians and those working around high-power circuitry wear this boot as it has been certified under the tougher ASTM F2892EH safety standards promulgated in 2011. Those regulations had been reserved for work boots with a safety toe and qualify the boot to be worn in areas where electrical hazards exist or static dissipation is required. The Irish Setter Men’s boot was one of the first non-safety toe boots to meet those newer safety requirements.

While the boots are water resistant, they are not suitable for complete submersion. Nor is the boot heavily insulated, and so should only be used in deep snow with additional rubber overboots.

Boot Construction

The Irish Setter Men’s 83605 boot has thick rubber soles and a high-traction tread design that is topped with a cushioned footbed under an EVA mid-sole to provide all-day comfort, stability, grip and protection in rough terrain, on uneven surfaces, and when standing on hard concrete for long hours. The outsole is heat resistant with a melting temperature rating of4750 Fahrenheit. Full-grain, waterproof leather uppers rise 5.5 inches from the arch to provide full ankle protection. A removable polyurethane footbed can be replaced with personal orthotics or supplemented with aftermarket pads for additional support, comfort and cushion without cramping the foot.
Triple stitching is used throughout the outer shell of the Irish Setter Men’s boot to provide superior durability, and a moccasin-style toe design enhances its stylish appearance. The boot features traditional lace-up security with strong metal eyelets firmly attached. A rear pull loop eases foot insertion and is attached under a padded top collar that protects the wear-prone entry point while forming an insulation barrier with the wearer’s undergarments to deter cold and rain.

Market Presence

The Irish Setter brand and its relation to the Red Wing product line carries instant cachet and credibility. It is firmly situated in the upper middle price range within the work boot category at approximately $150 per pair. Customer support is above average with many stocking retailers in most urban markets. The average user enjoys several years of satisfactory performance. Extreme users still report more than one year of adequate wear and many users retain their boots for a decade or more.

For consumers with a firm need for a strong, high-performance work boot that can be relied on to provide excellent service, the Irish Setter Men’s 68305 represents an exceptional value. The fairly affordable price makes it a good bargain for anyone looking for some quality boots on a tight budget.





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