Irish Setter Mens 83607 Work Boot Review

The Irish Setter Mens 83607 Work Boot is an affordable entry to Red Wing’s excellent work boot series. While it is quite affordable, the craftsmanship that went into developing the Irish Setter Mens 83607 Work Boots should not be underestimated. Best Work Boots will take a look at one of the most affordable Irish Setter Work Boot to determine if it is a viable choice for hard working individuals or not.


With a price tag of $80 – $120 it is no surprise that many customers are looking with interest upon this work boot. While the quality is not as good as other Irish Setter Work Boots, the 83607 is built well enough to offer a decent performance. The Irish Setter Men’s Work Boots are known for their overall quality and the 83607 Work Boot represents its name quite well. It has all the basic features that wearers will need with their work boot but at a lower cost. The reason for this is that the materials used are not as expensive but all the techniques used are the same.


The Irish Setter Mens 83607 Work Boots uses full-grain leather uppers as well. It has shaft foot padded collar for added comfort on the ankles and utilizes triple stitching for the highest durability possible. Waterproof and electrical hazard proof, the work boot offers what you will need when it comes to both protection and comfort. All in all, the Irish Setter Mens 83607 can be called one of the best work boots today in relation to its affordable price.


One thing that Best Work Boots can point out with the Irish Setter Mens 83607 Work Boots is that it was a pleasant surprise to find that it offered better performance than most of its competition within this price bracket. It is a lightweight and durable. To ensure that it last long and avoid wear and tear, we here at Best Work Boots recommend using shoe conditioners for added protection from water and increase longevity.


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