As with all Red Wing shoes, the Red Wing 420 is a worthy addition to the Red Wing name. We here at Best Work Boots conducted the Red Wing 420 through a wide range of tests and has landed on a definitive conclusion to its quality and yes, it is certainly one of the finest work boots you can have that is available today.


This is one of the most affordable Red Wing boots within their impressive catalogue of their best work boots with a price tag of $105 – $140. While it is not as expensive as other Red Wing boots, the Red Wing 420 is definitely one of the toughest. The Red Wing #420 is perfect for those who are constantly moving. Not only is the Red Wing 420 durable and flexible it is also surprisingly comfortable for something that looks so rugged. The Red Wing 420 is perfect for individuals who are looking for an equal dose of comfort and toughness.


The 6 inch Red Wing 420 incorporates full grain leather upper to ensure it is completely waterproof. It is also equipped with a Virbarm sole that provides wearers with one of the most comfortable fit a work boot is able to offer. The Red Wing #420 is also certified to protect wearers from electrical hazards. The Red Wing #420 has mastered comfort, protection and durability to the letter making it one of the best work boots in the market with an affordable price.


Red Wing boots are known for having high quality standard when it comes to their products and the Red Wing 420 definitely displayed this in all aspects. Best Work Boots highly recommends the Red Wing 420 for individuals looking to have the best work boot experience at a very reasonable price.