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Hey Dude shoes are probably the gold standard of comfortable easy-on, easy-off shoes, right? They’re comfortable, they’re stylish, and they’re quick to throw on with any outfit to look effortlessly cool. The only thing anyone can say that’s even remotely negative about Hey Dude shoes is that they’re a little on the pricey side – and that’s true, but you also have to remember that you’re paying for the quality, comfort, and prestige that these shoes have earned over the years. Basically, they’re some of the best comfy shoes around, and there’s no arguing with that.

BUT, what if we told you that there’s another way? You can get shoes that are still comfortable, still high quality, and still stylish, but for a lesser price. Of course, there’s bound to be some differences between our top 7 Hey Dude alternatives and the real things, but the following 7 pairs of shoes are about as close as you’ll get to Hey Dude’s without being a pair of Hey Dude’s (well, most of them anyway, but we’ll leave a surprise for you below).

Top 7 Best Hey Dude Alternatives in 2022

So, if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the gold standard of comfy shoes, you’ve come to the right place! Ready to find out more? Then meet us (and our top 7 picks) below!

1. CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Reena Comfort Quilted Sneaker – View On Amazon

CUSHIONAIRE Women's Reena Comfort Quilted Sneaker

Shoe Fact File

  • Style: Sneaker slip-on
  • Upper Material: Quilted vegan leather
  • Sole Material: Leather
  • Color Options: 3
  • Price (at the time of writing): $29.99
  • Our Favorite Feature: Soft fabric lining with memory foam insoles makes for a very comfortable shoe

Why We Love Them

The CUSHIONAIRE Women’s Reena Comfort Quilted Sneaker boasts a luxurious, but relaxed quilted design that makes them instantly stand out from similar shoes. They’re perfect to wear to the office, for leisure wear, outdoor games, and whilst driving.

The leather sole of this shoe is durable, and the long-lasting traction design outsole makes for an even more durable shoe with enough traction for almost any surface. This shoe is also platformed slightly, with around 1 inches of height, providing an additional layer of comfort and protection from the hard ground beneath your feet.

CUSHIONAIRE uses a double gore design for easy slip-on and slip-off, but it also provides additional stretch, so even people with wider feet can get some great use out of these shoes. The stretch is adaptable, without compromising the quality or integrity of the shoe. Perhaps the best part of this shoe is the soft fabric lining and memory foam insoles that make these especially comfortable and well-suited to daily use.

Available in three colors: camouflage, blush, and natural, there really is a style to suit everyone here. Better yet, they’re available in US Women’s sizes 6 through 11 (with wide fits available at 6.5, 7, 8, 8.5, and 9).


  • Memory foam insole comfort
  • Stylish design
  • Luxury-feel quilted upper
  • 3 brilliant color options
  • 1 inch platform
  • Some stretch
  • Great shoe size range


  • May be slightly oversized (but great at returns handling if you need to order a size smaller after trying them on)

2. JABASIC Women’s Penny Loafers Breathable Slip-on Flat Shoes Moccasins – View On Amazon

JABASIC Womens Penny Loafers Breathable Slip on Flat Shoes Moccasins

Shoe Fact File

  • Style: Slip-on moccasins
  • Upper Material: Man-made suede material
  • Sole Material: PU and rubber
  • Color Options: 6
  • Price (at the time of writing): $29.99-$34.99
  • Our Favorite Feature: Rounded toe and hollow-carved upper for effortless style

Why We Love Them

JABASIC Women’s Penny Loafers Breathable Slip-on Flat Shoes Moccasins look amazing with their hollow-carved upper and almost-geometric pattern that really helps them make a statement. Comfortable and breathable, you can wear this shoe to work, for leisure activities, and whilst walking.

The memory foam insole on offer here is actually split into 3 parts to target 3 key areas of the foot that need additional support whilst walking. This helps create a more comfortable fit and makes walking on even the hardest terrain more comfortable. Despite the insole design, these shoes are still easy to slip-on and slip-off too!

The PU and rubber sole of this shoe also provide additional support because of their non-slip design, helping keep you steady on your feet no matter where you are. The hollow-carved design is great, too, because it makes the shoe more breathable so they’re perfect in warmer weather, which often isn’t the case with this style of shoe.

JABASIC makes this shoe available in six colors: navy, black, tan, and pink, and (in a slightly different design to the others) white and black-1 (black with white stitching details). This shoe is available in US Women’s sizes 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 9, and 10.


  • Breathable design
  • Effortless style
  • Memory foam insole targeting 3 key areas of the foot
  • 6 color options
  • Non-slip sole
  • Easy-on, easy-off
  • Great for variety of occasions


  • Some customers complain of slight gapping at the side when walking (not suitable for rainy days)

3. Bruno Marc Men’s Casual Slip-on Loafers Stretch Shoes – View On Amazon

Bruno Marc Men's Casual Slip-on Loafers Stretch Shoes

Shoe Fact File

  • Style: Slip-on loafers
  • Upper Material: Soft cotton linen
  • Sole Material: EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) sole covered in cork
  • Color Options: 9
  • Price (at the time of writing): $33.99-$42.99
  • Our Favorite Feature: Skin-friendly lining with breathable cotton linen upper for a true slip-on design (no socks required)

Why We Love Them

Bruno Marc Men’s Casual Slip-on Loafers Stretch Shoes looks great with their soft cotton linen design, and the rolled stitching and padded collar only adds to the trendy appearance. These can easily be worn whilst traveling, driving, in the office, or during leisure activities and they won’t look out of place.

The EVA sole on offer here is especially durable, and it’s also lightweight, flexible, and shock-absorbing, making for a very comfortable walk. The shock-absorbing feature is actually important for slip-on shoes like this, which have developed a bad name for themselves as being uncomfortable or ill-suited to city living, but with these, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Having a soft, breathable leather also helps Bruno Marc’s shoes here, because they’re much more comfortable on the skin and keep your feet refreshed and cool, no matter the weather. The wide forefoot design also helps these shoes fit men with all sorts of foot shapes and sizes so they easily cater to most people.

They offer nine color options with this shoe: brown, beige, black, gray, khaki, galaxy navy red, sky blue, splice blue, and splice gray. They also offer them in US Men’s sizes 6.5-10.5 and 11, 12, and 13, too!


  • Huge selection of stylish colors
  • Skin-friendly lining
  • Breathable soft cotton upper
  • Shock absorbing EVA sole
  • Huge selection of sizes
  • Wide forefoot design to suit all foot types
  • Rolled stitching and padded collar give a cool, stylish look


  • The heel isn’t padded and there are some complaints about it rubbing (but this seems to get better over time)

4. FUSHITON Men Loafers Slip-on Walking Shoes – View On Amazon

FUSHITON Men Loafers Slip on Walking Shoes Sneakers Casual Mesh Male Shoe Driving Outdoor Lightweight

Shoe Fact File

  • Style: Slip-on loafers (lace up)
  • Upper Material: Knit mesh
  • Sole Material: EVA outsole
  • Color Options: 8
  • Price (at the time of writing): $32.99-$36.99
  • Our Favorite Feature: Flexibility of the shoe – everything has a lot of elasticity which makes wearing them more comfortable

Why We Love Them

FUSHITON Men Loafers Slip-on Walking Shoes looks great because of their knitted mesh outer material and lace up design that shows them off as a stylish and practical slip-on shoe. With huge amounts of flexibility, this shoe can be worn to work, during sports, whilst walking, and to almost any casual setting or event.

The EVA outsole here is excellent because it’s been designed to be as flexible as the rest of the shoe. And despite being flexible (making it more comfortable) the integrity and durability of the shoe is still great. The EVA outsole has great bounce-back, so it’s comfortable to walk in, but it also helps hold the shape of the shoe too, despite how flexible it is.

Using knitted mesh fabric for the outer shoe material is also a brilliant choice for breathability, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The mesh is also a good fit for a comfortable wearing experience too, because it’s a soft material that helps create a cool environment for your feet. FUSHITON also includes an anti-slip design on the bottom of the sole and inside the shoe, so your foot won’t move anywhere you don’t want it to.

These shoes are available in eight colors: khaki 501, blue, green, gray, red 501, gray 501, black, black 501 and all of them look great. You can pick this shoe up in US Men’s sizes 7.5, 8.5, 9, 10, 10.5, 11.5, and 12.5.


  • Elasticity and flexibility of shoe is unrivaled
  • Knit mesh design is stylish and breathable
  • Lace up for more support (but still easy-on and off)
  • Can wear it almost anywhere
  • Eight stylish color options
  • EVA outsole with great bounce-back
  • Durable shoes


  • Mesh may be susceptible to unraveling after extended use

5. Hey Dude Women’s Wendy Shoes Multiple Colors – View On Amazon

Hey Dude Women's Wendy Shoes Multiple Colors

Shoe Fact File

  • Style: Slip-on canvas (lace up)
  • Upper Material: Cotton canvas
  • Sole Material: Hey Dude’s UltraLight outsole technology
  • Color Options: 31
  • Price (at the time of writing): $52.24-$90.00
  • Our Favorite Feature: Hey Dude shoes and style for slightly cheaper – you can’t complain about that!

Why We Love Them

These Hey Dude Women’s Wendy Shoes in multiple colors (31 in total) are some of the most stylish, comfortable Hey Dude shoes around and they make an instant impact no matter which of the 31 styles you choose. Because the options are endless here, you can wear these shoes to virtually any event or occasion and you won’t look out of place!

The UltraLight outsole technology is some of the most impressive on any shoes because the elastic material allows the shoe to flex with the foot as you step, making it work with your foot, instead of against it. The shoe is relaxed – in both look and feel – and that’s what allows them to be used anywhere you like. Comfortable, stylish, and flexible – this shoe has it all.

Besides the UltraLight technology, the cotton canvas uppers allow for a greater expression of personal style because there are so many color options available. The shoes are also machine washable at cold temperatures on delicate, and can then be air dried to look like new. They also have memory foam insoles that are ergonomically designed for the perfect fit and support for your foot.

Of the 31 colors (we’ll let you explore them all yourself), here are a few of our personal favorites: iron, camo, red, coral, rosette, boho white crochet, and wheat Aztec. They’re available in US Women’s sizes 4-12, but unfortunately there are no half sizes on offer.


  • HUGE range of stylish colors
  • UltraLight outsole technology (flex and fold)
  • Sustainable cotton canvas uppers
  • Memory foam insoles
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Easy-on, easy-off
  • Incredibly stylish (and all from Hey Dude themselves)


  • No half sizes, so finding the perfect fit might not be possible for those who wear in-between sizes

6. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s No Bad Days Sneaker – View On Amazon

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's No Bad Days Sneaker

Shoe Fact File

  • Style: Slip-on sneaker
  • Upper Material: Faux leather or micro-suede
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Color Options: 7
  • Price (at the time of writing): $39.09-$155.06
  • Our Favorite Feature: The fact that the faux leather, leopard print, and micro-suede designs are made from recycled plastic bottles

Why We Love Them

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s No Bad Days Sneaker is available in multiple different designs that fit any personality or occasion. You can easily find a place to wear these shoes – whether it’s to a party, to the office, on the school run, or whilst driving – these are the sort of shoes you can wear anywhere.

Easily the best thing about these shoes is their sustainability. The faux leather, micro-suede and leopard print designs (depending on which you choose) are all made from recycled plastic bottles, helping keep your shoe-buying habits green. But that doesn’t mean they’re uncomfortable – oh no, these easy-on slip-on shoes are definitely comfortable enough to wear all day.

They’ve been designed with twin stretch gore panels with a padded collar for extra support, comfort, and cushioning. The insole used here is also well thought out and focuses on the anatomical design of the foot to create an insole that supports and comforts where necessary for the ultimate comfort shoe. Dr. Scholl also uses a lightweight, flexible design for the entire shoe, helping make them more practical too.

These shoes are available in 7 color options (or rather, design options): tan black spotted leopard, black/white snake, olive camo, black altitude synthetic, bone perf microfiber, oxide blue perf micro, and taupe gray altitude print. They are also available in US Women’s sizes 6-11 (excluding 10.5).


  • Sustainable lining made of recycled bottles
  • Strong rubber sole
  • Range of interesting, unique designs
  • Twin stretch gore panels for flexibility
  • Padded collar for comfort
  • Anatomically designed insoles


  • Show up dirt easily no matter design (but they’re easy to clean after – you just might need to clean them more than other similar shoes)

7. FOEVTRUE Men’s Loafers Wally Woven Sox Stretch Shoes – View On Amazon

FOEVTRUE Men's Loafers Wally Woven Sox Stretch Shoes

Shoe Fact File

  • Style: Low-top chukka slip-on loafers
  • Upper Material: Woven knit fabric
  • Sole Material: High-quality rubber
  • Color Options: 9
  • Price (at the time of writing): $49.99-$59.99
  • Our Favorite Feature: Lace-up closure and rounded toe design are comfortable and stylish

Why We Love Them

FOEVTRUE Men’s Loafers Wally Woven Sox Stretch Shoes look great with their woven knit fabric uppers and rubber soles, and the rounded toe detail and lace up closure makes them really stand out. These shoes would be perfect for any casual event, such as driving, walking, leisure activities, and light sports.

They make use of a molded high-quality rubber sole that’s non-slip and wear-resistant, making them a brilliant choice for traction on any material. The low-top chukka construction with the lightweight woven fabric uppers feature signature logos throughout, giving a high-end feel to a pair of shoes that are significantly cheaper than some comparable high-end options.

The soft oxford cloth lining makes for a very comfortable wear, and these shoes also feature a removable memory foam insole which provide great cushioning and can easily be replaced when they have worn down. This shoe is also incredibly durable, and the outsole is completely foldable without breaking, meaning wearing down the shoe itself would take a lot of serious, heavy use.

FOEVTRUE offers nine color options here: ash, blue, fashion ash, fashion black, walking khaki, khaki, beige, camo, fabric black – so finding a style to suit you ought to be easy. They’re available in US Men’s sizes 7-14 (with only half sizes available at 9.5 and 10.5).


  • Stylish design
  • Range of color options
  • Lace up closure
  • Rounded toe for added style and comfort
  • Removable memory foam insole
  • Lightweight woven fabric
  • Molded high-quality, durable rubber sole


  • Limited half size options so may mean a poorer fit for some of you

Final Thoughts

As Hey Dude alternatives go, these 7 options are some of the best you’ll find. To help decide which is best for you, focus on finding a shoe with a color option or design that suits your style. Do you prefer bolder patterns or more muted, casual tones? Once you’ve decided that, look out for slip-on shoes that are easy to wear, comfortable, and flexible and you’ll have a great Hey Dude alternative to wear to any event!


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