Timberland Hyperion Waterproof Work Boot is another fine example of boots manufactured by Timberland. It offers wearers the protection they need as well as the flexibility to maneuver easily on any terrain. Best Work Boots offer the most comprehensive reviews of work boots from various manufacturers. Let’s take a look at Timberland’s new entry to their Hyperion series.


The Timberland Hyperion series is developed to be the best-rounded of all work boots. Normally priced at around $100 -$200 the Timberland Hyperion Waterproof Work Boot gives wearers one of the best protection from the elements while ensuring exceptional comfort to the wearer. We at Best Work Boots reviewed the Timberland Hyperion Waterproof Work Boot extensively and its performance is one of the best around.


Like most of Timberland’s best work boots the Hyperion also incorporates their anti-fatigue technology to guarantee comfort even with extended use. It also utilizes premium leather and waterproof membrane to withstand impacts and scuffs while making sure that the feet stays dry. It also allows for the best maneuverability as it uses lightweight alloy for toe protection and EVA midsole for enhanced movement.


The Timberland Hyperion Waterproof XL ST Work Boot is definitely one of the brand’s best. Its overall performance on each facet of a quality work boot ties in perfectly together to deliver one of the best work boots around. It’s affordable and can compete with the more expensive boots in the market today. The Hyperion series should definitely be considered if you are looking for a high-class work boot to help you through the rough days.