Timberland PRO Men’s Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft-Toe Boot

Timberland has come up with a new product which has people raving. The new Timberland PRO Men’s Direct Attach Six-inch Soft-Toe Boot has been made keeping the needs of working people in mind. It is not primarily a work boot, as some boots are, and so is seen as one which transcends a previously held belief. It seamlessly blends together form and function, which caters to the desires of the worker and the fashion conscious alike. This boot may well be the answer to all your work and fashion related problems.   

Let’s take a look at the features packed into this product;
Waterproof leather with joints that are seam-sealed (to repel water completely)Thermolite insulation (which affords for quick drying)The collar is padded (which provides comfort, in addition to the prevention of any debris entering in) The lining of the mesh comes with an anti-microbial treatment which controls odorThe plastic midsole which is lightweight allows for flexibility

The features addressed in this product go a long way in making it a success among the masses. Having taken a look at the features provided, let’s delve into the pros and cons as this is what makes or breaks a product.


The waterproofing is unparalleled for a product intended to be worn regularly (the seam-sealed construction holds its own in a wet environment)The insulation, done with Thermolite works wonders and keeps your feet warm, in addition to improving comfort, as it is light-weightA well made and good looking boot


The only major concern really is safety, even though it does have some safety features, as it isn’t meant for heavy duty use in construction sites, logging sites etc. (even if you have the option of either going for the soft-toe or steel-toe)

A customer who wants to buy a boot will look for the three most important factors : a) Comfort, b) Durability and c)Safety

a) Comfort factor: This product oozes comfort from the get-go. It is made from full-grained leather, which is soft and of a premium grade. This construction enables for the least amount of breakage over a long period of time. The leather used also provides for waterproofing the boot. This construction in addition to the seam-sealed joints makes for a winning combination, which makes up for any kind of waterproofing failure if any. The Thermolite insulation provided keeps your feet warm come rain or shine. The amalgamation of all these features results in a very comfortable boot for all seasons.

b) Durability factor: Despite being made with the best material available, this boot comes a little short while put to the test in tough environments for a prolonged period. Despite being branded as a work boot, which delivers in aesthetic appeal as well, it isn’t the best option when it comes to tough environments like construction sites and logging sites etc., as it does not last as long as one would hope it would. Having said all that, I must say that it is a perfectly capable boot for all other purposes and serves the purpose satisfyingly if it is cared for appropriately.

c)Safety factor: As mentioned earlier safety is a bit of a concern but not alarmingly so. The soles made from rubber are slip resistant as expected. These soles are also oil-resistant which adds to the safety factor. The one real concern is the lack of considerable padding to protect from heavy debris, although you have the option of going in for a steel-toe instead of the default soft-toe. There is a provision made in the collar (padded) which prevents debris from entering in.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a boot which is loaded with great features and aesthetically appealing as well, then look no further as the Timberland PRO Men’s Direct Attach Six-inch Soft-Toe Boot ticks all the right boxes.


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