Timberland PRO Titan Safety Toe Work Boot is part of Timberland’s highly rated Titan series. The series of work boots is known for its durability and light design making a perfect fit for those who are in constant motion. When it comes to Timberland’s best work boots their Titan series is among the first to come to mind.


With a price tag of around $150 it is unquestionably one of the most affordable in the market. Fortunately, it is also one of the very best when it comes to protecting its wearer from hazards such as impacts from falling objects and electrical hazards. Our staff that reviewed the Timberland PRO Titan Safety Toe Work Boot gave it thumbs up and considers it one of the best work boots in Timberland’s Titan series.


Timberland’s Titan series uses supple full grain leather for increased comfort as well as a lesser “break-in” time. It uses their patented TiTAN alloy as its safety toe for its superior protection and lightweight design. This means that unlike other steel toe work boots the Titan 26078 offers ample space for the toe to move freely and prevent cramping. The Titan Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot delivers all necessary qualities of the best work boots and significantly enhances the comfort portion of the design.


If you are looking for work boots that offer excellent protection and comfort then Timberland PRO Titan Safety Toe Work Boot should definitely be considered. After sending it through numerous trials we here at Best Work Boots gives it thumbs up in all aspects. Timberland has out done themselves with their Titan work boot series and customers will definitely gain from it the most.