Wolverine Men’s W04906 Harrison Boot Review

A true working man’s footwear, the Wolverine brand has been a staple of the workplace. With the brand’s known quality, they have built up a solid foundation of loyal customers. When it comes to high quality work boots, Wolverine has rarely failed their customers. Best Work Boots will take a look at footwear from the tough as nail brand, the Wolverine Men’s W04906 Harrison Boot.


The Wolverine Men’s W04906 Harrison Boot is available at a price range of $88.85 – $119.95.Wolverine Men’s W04906 Harrison Boot Considering the price compared to other work boots the Wolverine Men’s W04906 Harrison Boot is quite affordable. This effectively elevates this footwear a couple of notches above its competition. Price aside, the Wolverine Men’s W04906 Harrison Boot is an impressive work boot that is sturdy and long lasting.


Wolverine 6″ Harrison Boots Offer handsome and rugged style at the right price. This is a sturdy, comfortable Boots for work or casual wear. Wolverine’s Harrison Boots are rugged, all-around hard workers made from oiled full-grain leather uppers. They have a Pere Marquette rubber and polyurethane outsole that resists oil, water, abrasion, chemicals, heat and slips. Air mesh and PK mesh lining lets your feet breathe. It uses a removable full-cushion polyurethane footbed and single-density polyurethane midsole with rugged cement construction. The inclusion of Nylon shank for flexibility is a welcome addition. Each boot weighs at approximately 23 ounces.


Overall, the Wolverine Men’s W04906 Harrison Boot is able to hold its own in the market of tough work boots. While it may fall short when compared to the more advanced work boots, it is still solid and affordable footwear that can handle the rough and tumble environment of both the work place and any outdoor activities you might conduct. When it comes to reliability the Wolverine brand is no slouch. It is one of the top manufacturers of work boots and the Wolverine Men’s W04906 Harrison Boot is a good example of why they are among the top brands in the industry.


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