steel toe boots for women

With the increasing number of women working in the construction and manufacturing industries, there are now plenty of options when it comes to steel toe work boots designed just for them. Gone are the days when a woman on the shop floor had to go out and buy men’s boots sized a little smaller.
With all this choice comes a difficult decision: which one should you buy?

By looking at a few simple criteria, you can find the perfect steel toe work boot for you. We’ll also look at four of the top women’s work boots on the market today.
Steel Toe, Composite Toe, Aluminum Toe?

A range of materials are now used to create the protective toe in most work boots. While steel is still the strongest and most cost-effective, it may not be the best choice for those who work with or near electricity. Boots with a composite toe are insulated, protecting you from electric shock. Aluminum toes, while slightly weaker than steel, are ideal for those who need to be lightweight, such as iron-workers.

Also be on the lookout for boots that have a puncture plate. This is essential for construction workers, as stray nails can lead to nasty injuries.
Waterproofing and Weatherproofing

Most boots manufactured for the U.S. come with some level of waterproofing. However, most will only prevent water from seeping in the cracks between the sole and the rest of the boot. Insulation is also an important factor to consider, as thick socks won’t cut it if you’re working outside in sub-zero temperatures all day.

Every woman is different, so it’s important to spend at least some time testing out boots before you buy them. Try to buy boots that are a size larger, because cramming your foot into a tight space with a steel toe will lead to injury. Despite there being many new materials for boot construction, leather provides the greatest flexibility, allowing the boot to mold itself to the contours of your foot.
Check for areas in the boot that may pinch your feet, such as above the toe, at the heel, or ankle. You’ll need to move around freely and quickly on the job, so these problem areas can lead to injury.

Here are four of the best steel toe boots for women available right now and their different advantages:
Lehigh Swampers 6″ Steel Toe Boots ($118.99)
– Lehigh & Dri waterproof construction guards against moisture and cracking leather- Waterproof inner layer- Contoured removable polyurethane cushion insole for unmatched comfort- Electrical hazard insulated- Can be worn by women and men
Dakota Mandi 6″ Steel Toe Boots ($76.99)
– Breathable inside lining for comfort during long shifts- Steel toe plate and puncture plate- Extremely durable midsole and outsole- Rugged and lightweight
Timberland Pro Titan 6″ Alloy Toe Boots ($118.99)
– Ergonomic wide toe design provides comfort for fast-paced work environments- Removable cushioned insole- Anti-microbial lining- Great foot arch support
Wolverine Condor 8″ Composite Toe Boots ($159.99)
– Waterproof and insulated for working in all-weather conditions- Water-resistant interior with moisture-wicking lining for sweat- Removable foam comfort cushion insole- Electric shock resistant- Composite toe and puncture plate